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Rice on the boil in southern NSW

With the rice season set for a superlative start following impressive rains, researchers predict growers will, for the first time this season, sow large areas to the new rice variety, V071.

Bred by the Australian Rice Partnership, a NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), SunRice and AgriFutures Australia joint venture, V071 is a semi-dwarf, bold medium-grain rice variety with high yield potential.

DPI research agronomist, Brian Dunn, said V071 offers superior grain yield and cold tolerance compared with Reiziq, a popular semi-dwarf medium grain variety that has elongated grain length.

“Our research shows V071 has strong emergence and establishment vigour with reduced shattering, which will be of interest to growers,” Mr Dunn said.

“Another feature of V071 is that its development continues and does not slow during periods of low temperatures like Reiziq, which is beneficial in cool seasons.”

The latest information to support rice management decisions this season is now available to growers and agronomists with the release of the DPI Rice variety guide 2021-2022 and V071 growing guide.

The DPI rice research team compiled data from several years of agronomy and phenology research experiments to deliver new information on critical sowing times for current varieties, including V071.

Mr Dunn said each field and growing situation has specific characteristics, making some varieties more suitable to their requirements than others.

“It is important to consider all the agronomic characteristics of each variety when selecting those best suited to your field and situation,” he said.

“To minimise the risk of cold conditions reducing grain yield across all crops, we advise growers to grow a mix of varieties, over a range of sowing dates, using a variety of sowing methods.”

DPI, SunRice and Rice Extension continue to work with rice growers and advisers to deliver up-to-date advice.

DPI growing guides for all current NSW rice varieties and supporting rice production Primefacts are available from DPI, Rice Extension and SunRice grower services offices and on the DPI website,

Source: NSW DPI

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