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Rural crime forum in Young

Farmers will shine a spotlight on rural crime at a forum in Young on 28 June 2016.

The NSW Farmers forum aims to tackle farmer concerns about escalating theft and trespass
incidents in the local region.

Acting Commander of the Cootamundra LAC, Paul Huxtable, will join speakers from the
Department of Primary Industries (DPI) biosecurity and food safety compliance team and farm
incursion team.

NSW Farmers Regional Services Manager Jonathan Tuckfield said similar forums held in
Oberon and Wagga highlighted some common concerns and some disturbing trends.

“Farmers spoke about the issue of illegal farm trespass and its impact on farming operations
and a rise in the theft of equipment and livestock,” Mr Tuckfield said.

“One NSW Farmers member in Oberon described watching a drone fly into her property and go
from shed to shed obviously checking contents, access and security, and there not being an
adequate legal or criminal recourse for this incursion.

“Local Members asked for a crime forum to be held in Young to cover the issue of farm trespass
and its biosecurity threat, but we will also cover the theft of equipment, fuel and stock.”

The public forum is being held at the Young Bowling Club on 28 June 2016, starting at 7.00pm.

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