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Farmers can contribute to study into long-term impact of injuries

Farmers will have the chance to contribute to a research project that measures the impacts of farm-related serious injuries.

The study will provide an overview of recovery and measure the social, mental and physical effects of farm-based major injuries.

It also aims to provide a realistic insight into the barriers that prevent farmers from returning to a pre-injury lifestyle and explore factors that patients felt helped or hindered their recovery after injury.

The Deakin University Rural Community Clinical School has received funding from the Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre. The project is a collaboration of researchers and clinicians from Deakin University, Monash University and the National Centre for Farmer Health.

The researchers are recruiting farmers from all backgrounds to form a consumer focus group.

Director of the Deakin University Rural Community Clinical School, Professor Daryl Pedler, said farmers who had not been involved in major trauma were needed for the consumer focus group.

“We hope to use the expertise of farmers across all farming pursuits to inform this project,” Professor Pedler said.

“The consumer group will provide background and context to the project,” he added.

The 15-month study will involve telephone interviews with farmers identified in Monash University’s Victorian State Trauma Registry and who have been victims of major trauma farm incidents. This project is unique in that it draws from one of the largest major trauma registries in the world.

The consumer group will meet three times over the course of the study, with the first meeting held in Warrnambool with subsequent meetings to take place by teleconference. Reimbursement for attendance at these meetings may be available.

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