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Applications for Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot now open

Applications are now open for the Australian Government’s $22.3 million Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot.

Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia David Littleproud said the pilot was a key component of the $66.1 million Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package to help farmers get paid for improving biodiversity on-farm.

“Alongside the Carbon plus Biodiversity Pilot, the Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot is trialling a market-based system that will see farmers being paid for their biodiversity management,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Over time, the aim is to roll these pilots out to more farmers, making them widely available and fuelled by private sector investment.

“This pilot aims to reward farmers who put up projects to protect, manage and improve remnant native vegetation.

“What that looks like could vary from farm to farm. It may be as simple as fencing off native vegetation and undertaking enhanced weed control, or it could be protecting pockets of remnant vegetation and linking them through revegetated corridors.

“We’re putting a value on farm native vegetation. It’s good for the environment, and farmers can make a buck out of it.

“This is a great opportunity for farmers to build their drought resilience by diversifying their on-farm income.

“Farmers are the stewards of the land, and their role in environmental stewardship has been overlooked for far too long.

“We want to recognise farmers who take steps to improve environmental outcomes on their land while encouraging the private sector to invest in this innovative scheme.”

As part of the pilot, the Australian National University (ANU) has created the processes and protocols that measure and reward farmers for undertaking the projects, delivering a system that will be respected by international markets.

Farmers can learn more or apply to take part in the Enhancing Remnant Vegetation pilot here.

Source: Australian Government

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