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Efforts underway to reduce spray drift risk

Growers are being reminded to remain vigilant when spraying their crops for weeds following much needed rain in some cotton growing regions over the past week.

Cotton Australia Policy Officer Paul Sloman said effective application will minimise the risk of off-target spray damage.

“The safe application of pesticides to prevent off-target spray damage is a priority across all of agriculture to ensure the safety of communities and environments. The financial impact of production losses due to spray drift can also be significant,” said Mr Sloman.

Growers are reminded to:

  • Read and follow spray label instructions, and ensure they understand the APVMA’s label changes to 2,4-D products.
  • Check the conditions before spraying. Do not spray when there is a surface temperature inversion.
  • Check nozzles for wear and tear, and ensure the spray rig is calibrated before commencing spraying.
  • Ensure only trained and certified operators perform any spray operations.

Mr Sloman also encouraged growers to map their paddocks in SataCrop, to further reduce the risk of crops being impacted by spray drift.

Launched in 2019, SataCrop is an industry initiative developed by Cotton Australia and Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) and has the ability to map all crop types, including cotton, grains and tree crops.

“SataCrop is a tool to mitigate the risk of spray drift by allowing operators to understand where sensitive crops are located in proximity to their spray operation,” said Mr Sloman.

“This crop mapping tool allows spray applicators to identify any nearby sensitive crops and tailor spray plans to only occur when weather conditions are suitable.”

To obtain login information for SataCrop, growers are encouraged to email Ben at PCT:

Source: Cotton Australia

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