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60 minutes provides misconception of glyphosate

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In response to the 60 minutes episode aired on Channel 9 last night, 8 September 2019, WAFarmers has concerns over the misrepresentation of glyphosate.

WAFarmers Grains Council President Duncan Young said the portrayal of glyphosate has been blown out of proportion by the Australian media.

“Yet again, we have another programme lacking substantial scientific evidence, relying on pseudo-scientific claims and hearsay, to alarm the general public for non-other than gaining audience ratings,” Mr Young said.

“What the programme failed to address is the clear and overwhelming scientific evidence from independent regulators that glyphosate-based products are safe.

“It is critical for Australian agriculture that the Government and general public are well informed and not swayed by misleading commentary.

“Detailed analysis and assessment has been carried out in over 800 scientific studies and reviews, including by Australia’s own independent regulator, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA).

“Every independent, science-based regulatory agency around the globe has comprehensively evaluated the herbicide and found it safe to use in accordance with label directions.

“Glyphosate is sold by various manufacturers around the world and is the world’s most regularly applied herbicide and is used in conjunction with other agricultural chemicals to effectively and safely minimise weed emergence,” Mr Young said.

Herbicides are essential tools for Australian farmers; they allow on-farm productivity, ensure yields can meet global food supply and allow farmers to use cropping techniques that have less environmental impacts.

“It is crucial that any debate on farming is informed and based on scientific evidence and not on rhetoric driven by emotion.

“The public need to understand that the Australian regulatory system is supported by highly-qualified and globally respected medical and toxicological scientists who have decades of experience and knowledge on agricultural chemicals.

“The APVMA examined glyphosate in 2016 and found no grounds for its approved uses to be reconsidered.” Mr Young said.

WAFarmers will continue to work on a state and national level to highlight the importance of glyphosate to the Australian agricultural industry.

Source: WAFarmers

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