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Time to get Behind Australian Grain sustainability

The grains supply chain were called on to get Behind Australian Grain – to develop an industry sustainability framework by the end of 2019.

Behind Australian Grain, an initiative of GrainGrowers, will develop a grains sustainability framework for the whole of industry, including communities and customers. The framework will demonstrate the sector’s commitment to proactively address the key materiality issues that provide both sustainability challenges and opportunities for the sector.

KPMG has been engaged to work alongside GrainGrowers and key stakeholders to establish a common framework for identifying, measuring and reporting against the sustainability priorities for the sector. Research on the material issues identified through extensive stakeholder consultation from growers to consumers and the broader community is in the final stages and an insights report will be released in coming months which will be used to shape the sustainability priorities captured within the framework.

Delegates at the AGIC Conference in Melbourne heard Richard Boele, KPMG Partner, outline global and domestic sustainability drivers. Richard also provided insights into how other industries have built their sustainability credentials.

“The Australian grains industry has an opportunity to be proactive in its response to changing community and society expectations and look holistically at what will enhance the sector’s sustainability going forward. As an industry, there needs to be an open and transparent way of dealing with the challenges and opportunities in grains, and indeed all of agriculture. My message to the industry is clear; the time to be proactive and ensure you’re on the front foot is now and not in the middle of a crisis” said Richard Boele.

“Behind Australian Grain provides a platform for the whole of industry to engage and contribute towards shaping our sustainable future” said GrainGrowers Chairman Brett Hosking. “We know consumer, community and societal expectations are changing and this initiative ensures we are with our consumers and our communities delivering value through Australian grains in a way that is sustainable for all of us.”

“Behind Australian Grain is an ambitious project and we are working hard to have it in place by the end of the year (2019). We need all the industry to get Behind Australian Grain and work together to make this happen” Hosking said.

Source: GrainGrowers

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