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New Australian standard for forest stewardship

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Australia’s forestry industry is set to benefit from the launch of a second Australian certification standard for the sustainable management of the nation’s forests.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Richard Colbeck welcomed the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) National Forest Stewardship Standard, which joins the existing “Responsible Wood” certification standard in providing assurances that Australian wood products are from forests managed to the world’s highest standards.

“Australia’s forest and wood products sector is a great contributor to our nation—through the jobs and wealth the industry creates and its dedication to sustainable production,” Minister Colbeck said.

“Global demand for timber products is projected to quadruple by 2050 and the new Australian FSC Standard will help us tap into this growth market by utilizing a globally recognised trust mark for sustainable forest management.

“Certification continues to be an important part of the Australian forestry sector and demonstrates the strong sustainability credentials of our well-managed forest industries.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of, and interested in, the origins of the products they buy and the processes that go into making them.

“Both nationally and internationally, certification has developed as a way of providing assurance to consumers that the wood products they are purchasing are from sustainably managed forests.

“The new FSC national standard was jointly agreed by industry, environment and community interests. Australia now has national standards aligned to the two global certification systems, PEFC and FSC, which have been specifically tailored to Australia’s unique conditions and high-quality regulatory framework.

“The Australian Government contributed $900,000 to the development of both the new FSC standard and the Responsible Wood standard and is fully committed to sustainable management of Australia’s forests.

“This new FSC standard will also complement the Government’s new National Forest Industries Plan, which will help plant one billion new trees to meet future demand and establish research and production hubs to help set up the industry for decades to come.

“The forest industry is in a strong position to continue to grow and prosper, and the Australian Government will be there every step of the way.”

Source: Australian Government

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