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River flow provides unrestricted pumping opportunity for Gascoyne irrigators

Unrestricted pumping from the Gascoyne River and Riverbed Sands aquifer has been declared for Carnarvon irrigators.

The announcement comes after the water started flowing at 9 Mile Bridge.

River flows of 3.5 metres were first recorded at Yinnetharra Crossing gauging station several hundred kilometres inland on Sunday, January 14 2018 after widespread rainfall associated with ex-Tropical Cyclone Joyce across the middle and upper catchments of the Lyons and Gascoyne rivers.

Indications from sampling by the WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation are that water is of good quality around 146 mg/L in the first flows.

Unrestricted pumping was last declared in February 2017. It provides irrigators with access to water above their annual water entitlement from Subarea A, with no monthly limit.

Growers are encouraged to take advantage of the current unrestricted pumping period and in doing so, help recharge the Riverbed Sands aquifer.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation will closely monitor the catchment and river levels and provide updates via email, by phone on 1800 674 897.

Source: WA Government

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