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Wheat variety decisions made easier

WA DPIRD development officer is Georgia Trainor is excited about the revamped Wheat Variety Guide for Western Australia, which is now available online from the department’s website. Image supplied by WA DPIRD

Additions have been made to the latest wheat variety guide that will make crop selection easier for Western Australian grain growers.

The recently released 2018 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia features new tools and information, along with a profile of several new varieties.

The guide is produced by the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, with support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

It draws on results from the GRDC’s National Variety Trials (NVT), the department’s agronomy trials from across the agricultural area and information from commercial breeders and agronomists.

WA Department development officer Georgia Trainor said the guide enabled growers to compare the performance of varieties across a range of environments and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual varieties.

Ms Trainor said while a number of varieties out yielded the benchmark variety Mace in recent NVT trials, it was important for growers to consider whether changing to a newer wheat variety would bring any real advantage over older wheat varieties.

“Yield is important, however, disease tolerance, quality and other factors play a large part in growing a successful wheat crop,” she said.

“A new variety should have a yield and disease rating equal to or better than the currently sown varieties, provide diversity or risk mitigation and suit the current requirements.”

Ms Trainor urged growers to use the 2018 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia to compare the performance of wheat varieties across a range of environments and yield groups when making variety selections.

“Across the grades, differences between varieties and their yields are most obvious in the higher yielding environments,” she said.

“The information in the guide will help growers to choose the highest yielding variety for their environment, while being aware of each variety’s potential agronomics and disease issues.”

The guide features a selection of factsheets as a quick reference for 22 common and recently released varieties, as well as a disease update, suggested sowing times and an overview of variety agronomy management and herbicide tolerance.

It also includes updates of classifications from Wheat Quality Australia.

Ms Trainor said the guide also included an overview of the performance and characteristics of new varieties Chief CL Plus, Cutlass, LRBP Arrow, LRBP Havoc, Ninja, Scepter and Tungsten.

“Each of the new varieties is unique and we encourage growers to read the guide thoroughly to determine if they suited their situation,” she said.

The 2018 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia is available for free on the department’s website by searching for the title. A hard copy will be mailed out to the subscribers to the GRDC’s GroundCover magazine.

Source: WA DPIRD

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