Ag technology high on the agenda for saleyards

The future for digital capability in saleyards and the continuing roll-out of electronic identification for sheep and goats were key items on the agenda at the annual conference of the Australian Livestock Saleyards Association (ALSA).

In opening the conference, Victoria’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Charles Milne thanked ALSA and saleyard owners and operators who had already conducted trials of electronic identification infrastructure and software.

Victoria is proudly leading the charge with the introduction of electronic tracing of sheep and goats, which is critical to both boost biosecurity and safeguard better supply chain data.

The trials have been coordinated by ALSA and supported through the Victorian Government’s $17 million funding package for the industry’s transition to the new traceability system.

Dr Milne said the ALSA and saleyard owners and operators had conducted trials of scanning equipment before settling on the best suited option for their operation.

Trials conducted so far have demonstrated some of the options available to saleyards and agents to scan electronic tags on sheep. The information gathered through the trials will be used to inform the design of ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for each saleyard.

“Saleyards are a critical point in the supply chain and it’s important to establish the right solutions for electronic scanning,” Dr Milne said.

“The agriculture industry and the Victorian Government are working together to protect and promote our valuable farming sector.”

The conference is a great opportunity for saleyard owners and operators to exchange information and build their knowledge as they prepare to commence electronic scanning by 31 March 2018.

Further trials will take place in the coming months and saleyards will be looking to establish the best solutions for their operations.

Applications can be made for funding to purchase and install saleyard infrastructure until 31 October 2017.

Source: Vic Government

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