Honda HRU197M1 Commercial Lawn Mower

The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Series has been designed for the medium-sized lawns as well as commercial applications.

100% Quality

The HRU197M1 Mower is lightweight and easy to push, and also features a rust-proof alloy deck that gives a generous 19” cut.

Its 200 mm sealed ball-bearing wheels means it’s smooth and easy to manoeuvre.

honda-cmowerIt also incorporates Honda’s Mow-Safe® technology, featuring a simple lever that ensures the blades and engine come to a complete stop within three seconds of being released.

Easy Operation

The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch features a 60-litre Dacron catcher on board, and includes an easy to fit mulching plug.

Raw Power

The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch is powered by the gutsy GSV190, a high-tech overhead valve and overhead cam engine. You also don’t need to mix oil and petrol.


The HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch comes standard with Honda’s comprehensive 4-Year Domestic Warranty*, and with 400+ authorised Honda dealers nationwide, you’ll get support wherever you are.

For more information on the Honda HRU197M1 Buffalo Bull Mulch & Catch Mower, head to:

*4-year warranty applies to Domestic use only and does not apply to engines sold as separate units

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