Weed control in winter crops

The 2017 edition of the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ (DPI) Weed control in winter crops guide is available to assist farmers to control weeds and boost production.

DPI Development Officer and author Greg Brooke said the Weed control in winter crops guide outlines the best management techniques that farmers can use for successful weed control to increase productivity and profitability.weed-control-in-winterc-crops-2017

“The guide outlines the recommended timing for applying herbicide and application rates in the chemical control tables covering winter cereals, pulses and oilseeds,” Mr Brooke said.

“Annual weeds typically compete most with cereals and broadleaf crops when the crops are in their earlier growth stages, so it is important to try to control weeds within six weeks after sowing to minimise losses.

“Early post-emergence control nearly always results in higher yields than treatments applied after tillering cereals or branching in broadleaf crops.

“Farmers are reminded that good crop and pasture rotation, rotating herbicide groups and combining chemical and non-chemical weed control methods can help to manage herbicide resistance.”

Mr Brooke said the guide provides details of a number of new herbicides that have been registered in the past 12 months and also herbicides that have new approved use patterns for winter crops for the 2017 season.

“This publication is a guide, so it is still important to read labels and any permits before using a product and strictly comply with the directions and conditions specified,” Mr Brooke said.

“We strive to improve the management guide and are currently asking farmers to complete a short user survey to provide valuable feedback for the future direction of the guide.”

The 2017 Weed control in winter crops guide is available from DPI and Local Land Services offices, as well as regional agribusiness stores.

The guide can be downloaded for use on computer, smart phone and tabled devices from the DPI website.

Source: NSW Government

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