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Willow Tree grower wins Premer Shield

Joe Fleming

A crop grown by Willow Tree’s Joe Fleming, “Parraweena”, has taken out the Premer Shield, awarded for the best sorghum crop in the district.

Mr Fleming, who manages “Parraweena” for Parraweena Pastoral Company, grew a crop of MR-Scorpio which yielded eight tonnes per hectare.

The award was one of several presented at the annual Premer Field Day, which is run by the Premer branch of the NSW Farmer’s Association and Field Day Committee, and recognises and rewards the efforts of growers in the district.

The prize for best sunflower crop in the region, the Rosebowl Trophy, was presented to Blackville’s Alec and Jeremy Pengilley, ‘Belvil’.

Judges estimated the yield of their crop of Sunbird 7 at 2.4t/ha.

Alec and Jeremy Pengilley

Alec and Jeremy Pengilley

The CH Simson Cup, awarded for the best local wheat crop, was claimed by Premer’s Jim Mitchell, “Mandeville”.

Mr Mitchell manages “Mandeville” for Romani Pastoral Company and grew a crop of Lancer which yielded 6.7t/ha.

Jim Mitchell

Jim Mitchell

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