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Profit workshops uncover traits of top growers

Growers and industry professionals are invited to attend free ‘Opportunity for Profit’ workshops to learn what drives the performance of the ‘top 20 per cent’ of grain growing businesses in Western Australia.

Corporate Agriculture Australia is hosting the interactive, half-day workshops that will discuss the results of detailed analysis of Farmanco benchmarking data for different agro-ecological zones.

The analysis was conducted as part of a three-year Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) project investment assessing the key drivers of highly profitable farm businesses.

Corporate Agriculture Australia managing director Gordon Verrall said people attending the workshops would build their knowledge about the key profit drivers for these top businesses and learn how these drivers could improve their own business and profitability.

“Those attending will also have access to diagnostic tools and processes to easily assess their own business performance,” he said.

Mr Verrall said the analysis showed that crop yields and commodity prices received typically did not vary greatly between average and top performing growers in most zones, although the top 20 per cent of growers acheived superior Water Use Efficiency (WUE).

“However, there are differences predominantly in improved cost control by the more profitable growers (5 to 18 per cent as a percentage of income) – showing a stronger focus on managing inputs and providing a greater return on assets,” he said.

“It is often a combination of little things that add up for these growers, including in the areas of machinery utilisation, staffing, more efficient use of labour and better use of leased land.

“One of the factors that benchmarking data cannot fully quantify is timeliness of operations, but anecdotally this is also one of the keys to producing an above average performance.”

‘Opportunity for Profit’ workshops will be held from 1.30pm to 4.30pm at Dalwallinu Bowling Club on March 16 2017 (WA Northern); Merredin Community and Leisure Centre on March 30 2017 (WA Eastern); Cunderdin Sport and Recreation Centre on April 3 2017 (WA Central); and Esperance Bay Yacht Club on April 10 2017 (WA Sandplain).

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