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Advanta Seeds appoints senior canola breeder

Advanta Seeds has appointed a new senior canola plant breeder to replace the company’s previous breeder.

The Toowoomba-based company, which produces the Pacific Seeds Hyola hybrid canola range, welcomed Dr David Tabah to the role in early January 2017.

Advanta Seeds canola business manager Justin Kudnig said the appointment was an important change for the Australian canola business.

“The appointment of Dr Tabah will invigorate the R&D program and strengthen the strategic alignment across all canola focused functions within our business,” he said.

Dr Tabah’s key focus will be managing the canola breeding activities for Advanta Seeds Australia to ensure the successful development and commercialisation of competitive canola varieties.

“David will work closely alongside Dr Shanoor Hossain, ensuring that new Hyola hybrids released in the future have enhanced agronomic and technology traits adapted for canola growers right across southern Australia,” Mr Kudnig said.

Dr Tabah is well established in the Australian seed breeding sector, having worked as a breeder in Australia since 2011.

Including his experience inside and outside of Australia, he has approximately 12 years’ experience working as a plant breeder.

He has worked in a plant breeding capacity across various crop groups including canola, vegetables and barley and has worked for many reputable seed companies such as Tozer Seeds, Enza Zaden, Canola Breeders (Australia) and InterGrain (Australia).

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